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Asset Management
AME Gate Asset Management is a division of AME Gate group and was formed to provide investment management services to funds investing in commodity related assets and commenced investment management activities in 2008.

The business strategy of the company is to provide first class investment management services to investment funds that invest in oil and metal commodity related assets utilising AME Gate group market knowledge to provide added value.

Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that the investment management activities are independent from the trading activities of the rest of the group. The AME Gate group provides valuable market intelligence from its trading in the physical markets and analysis of the markets but there is no exchange of detailed positions or transactions with the group. Whilst the group provides corporate support services there is physical separation of the company from the rest of the group.

The investment philosophy of the company is largely discretionary and decisions are based on market positions and reaction to market events. This approach is aided by technical analysis and use of models.

For the funds under management the service providers are independent from the AME Gate group with separation of the responsibilities between the Administrators, Custodians and Principal Brokers.

The detailed fees structures are fully disclosed in the specific fund details. The company believes in full and advance disclosure of all fees charged, fees are based on regular investment management fee based on the value of the fund and a performance fee based on the investment performance of the funds managed.

For any enquiries or information, please contact our Asset Management Team via e-mail at
Our Heritage
AME Gate Asset Management is a subsidiary of the AME Gate group, one of the world's largest independent commodities traders.

AME Gate Asset Management was established in 2008 to leverage the unparalleled commodities knowledge within AME Gate group to deliver absolute returns for hedge fund investors.
Investment Strategy
AME Gate's investment strategy benefits from our unique and privileged access to the unparalleled commodities knowledge of the AME Gate group.

The depth and breadth of this coverage allows our fund managers to devise informed strategies targeted at exceeding 15% annual return - whatever the stage of the commodities cycle.

The approach is tailored to each individual market and uses both discretionary and systemic strategies. Most commodities markets are large and liquid, creating scope for successful technical strategies. However, quantitative strategies play the larger role in the decision making process.

By using AME Gate group's insights into global supply and demand, AME Gate Asset Management's managers identify and capture opportunities from fundamentals and momentum in both the physical and derivatives markets.

While this creates diverse strategies for commodities and instruments there is a theme: we always look to maximise the Sharpe ratio of our portfolios - the amount of return achieved for each unit of risk taken.
Risk Management
Proper risk management is a vital part of good hedge fund management.
At AME Gate Asset Management we use state of the art risk management and monitoring systems to profile and measure portfolio risk in real-time.

In a disciplined investment process, AME Gate Asset Management's managers impose risk limits and alter weightings to stay within the desired risk profile, while maximising the portfolio's Sharpe ratio. We strive to apply best practice principles in the management, administration and reporting of our funds with fund administration and custody performed independently of AME Gate Asset Management.
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